Guggulsterone What Is It?

Guggulsterone is a plant steroid found in the resin of the guggul tree(Commiphora Mukul). The Commiphora Mukul is a flowering tree that is most commonly found in India.

For centuries the Commiphora Mukul treehas been used for centuries in ancient Indian medicine to a several different ailments. Because of its overuse in its native area of growth the tree has been listed on the list of endangered plants list.

The tree produces a sap known as gum guggul. The extract of this gum is called gugulipid. The active ingredient in the extract is the plant steroid called guggulsterone which acts as an antagonist of the farnesoid X receptor.

What is Guggulsterone Used For?

Several supplements use the guggulterone extract to help withhealth benefits such as reducing cholesterol and increasing testosterone. Other benefits of guggulsterone are claimed to be increased metabolism and improved skin complexion.

What Guggulsterone is most commonly used for is to increase testosterone levels. Guggul EZ are the guggulsterones that are isolated in the plant and are used to help increase muscle building and testosterone.

Guggulsterones are also becoming popular for the use of targeting cancer. New studies have found that guggulsterones may be used as a novel drug to target the CdX2 expression in certain adenocarinomas.

Best Places to Buy Guggulsterone

Several stores such as GNC and even Wal-Mart  carry products that conntain Guggulsterone. You can also find good prices for Guggulsterone online through Amazon or online supplement stores like

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